Sunday, January 30, 2005

Stationary Movement

Do people change ? Last night I went to a party. Some of the people at the party were acquaintances that I have not seen for many years. I felt that I had walked into a time warp. They seemed exactly the same. These 'friends' are identical I am sure I could whisk them back in a time machine and no-one would notice the difference.

I believe I have changed enormously in the last ten years, my outlook is very different, I have a different value system. Now I am wondering how different I really am.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Nouvelle Vague

A good week on balance, slow at the start, busy at the end. The best part of this week being that January is nearly at an end.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Mistaken Creativity

To create you must take risks. If you take risks you will make mistakes. The secret is knowing which mistakes to keep.

In this sanitised, cotton wool covered, nanny nation we are being conditioned to be risk averse. It is conditioning that we must unlearn in order to enjoy life. This does not mean we should be irresponsible, but it means that we should accept that everything cannot and should not be controlled.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Imagination - could make a man of you

Is imagination better than reality ? Reality is coloured by past experience and the biases that all our memories and senses provide. We are conditioned to respond based on feedback from our senses. If we remove the majority of those senses the bias reduces. Is it possible to make better choices with less information ?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Campaign To Remove January

Does anyone actually like January, it has to be one of the dullest months of the year. It doesn't really stand much of a chance coming straight after December, the most over hyped month of the year. December to me is like a house party, the anticipation, expectation and build up by far exceed the actual event . Having built up so much expectation in December only to have it deflated, January is on a losing streak even before it starts.

Why is it that one of the worst months of the year has 31 days, surely it would be better if it did a swap with February. If we were to sort out the calendar and make every other month the same, then we could get January down to 24 days. Throw in a few spurious bank/national holidays and we could actually reduce the effort required to survive January down even further.

January sales, another great piece of traditional logic. Having spent a kings ransom buying presents for people who don't really need them, we are then encouraged to part with even more cash almost immediately. Why not have a slight breather, in fact if we waited until March, that would be pacing it a bit better.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Target Shooting For The Blind

I really don't know what I'm doing at the moment. I don't know what I want, where I want to go or how I am going to get there. Uncertainty is something I can deal with in my stride, I am used to it, I can cope. The problem is I don't have uncertainty, things aren't definite enough for there to be uncertainty. I am a visual thinker I need to see what it is that I am going to do. I don't need to be able to see my targets with complete focus, a blur or outline will do. At present I can't see anything past the end of my nose. It is dark and I am wearing sunglasses.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Searching For The Picture On The Box

We are all searching for something be it love, satisfaction, happiness, meaning, whatever. Life is like a big jigsaw puzzle, the problem being there are too many pieces and some of us have lost the box with the picture on the front.

It is up to us to imagine what that picture is and therefore assemble the pieces accordingly. There are easy options, we can choose to accept someone else's view of that picture. Those views can be found in religion, the media, family, social conformity, peer pressure or any number of new age lifestyles. These shortcuts can give quick and easy but short term solace, they lack depth and serve anothers agenda. Fundamentally the shortcuts will never be the solution we are actually looking for.

A lifetime can be wasted wishing for a solution. A lifetime can be lived by starting to accept that we probably do know what we want. We probably have parts of the picture already in place. The parts that we can't see will come to us. We must find satisfaction in the things we already have in order to focus all our energies on fitting together the pieces we want.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Happiness In Magazines

I've been living a fairly simple life for the past three or four months, back to basics. It's been through necessity, the great thing is I have enjoyed it. Enjoyment can be found in the simplest of things, a walk by the river, chat with friends.

I've decided I have enough stuff, I don't need to buy any more, in fact it is probably time to downsize. I would love to be able to live minimalist style but I think it is impossible for me. I can however let go of things I really don't need. I used to get attached to things, cars, gadgets, clothes etc. Now I know they don't really matter.

Not an original title but I thought it was apt. I stole it from great album, worth a listen. If you were a fan of Blur before they became mockney tosser Damon Albarn's ego trip then you'll love it.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bricks In The Air

Its hard to build plans when all your bricks are in the air. I need to get a few foundations sorted out. As any builder knows a third of the work goes into the foundations. Trouble is there isn't much to show for it when that phase of work is done. A vision of the final result is what inspires and drives you to completion.

Over a week averaging 3 hours sleep a night finally caught up with me last night. The fact that I hadn't got to bed until nearly 7am the previous two nights was probably the deciding factor. Still hey ho.

Quiet day today, might go and get a coffee later and think through a plan of action for the next few weeks. I have to get back on the recruitment radar after the 3 week Christmas lull, nothing will happen this week but I need to be prepared.

Monday, January 03, 2005

59th Street Bridge


I think I like 2005, ok we are only three days in but it looks like it might be a good year.

I was very pleased to see Peter Cook win the comedian's comedian poll, with other favourites such as Bill Hicks ranking up there too. Cook was a genius, a true once in a generation quirk of the gene pool. Anyone wanting to know more about him could do worse than start at . Also avoid Harry Thompson's book if you want a complete view, William Cook's is much more rounded.